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Relatoriu Peskiza Asaun Partisipatoriu 2020-2022

Asosiasaun Chega Ba Ita (ACbit) is working closely with the focal point of Victim Association and local facilitator or animators have conducted a participatory action research with 163 women survivors of violence from 2020 to 2022 in 5 districts of Timor-Leste such as Ainaro, Baucau, Covalima, Dili and Viqueque. The research brought together both survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) from Timor-Leste’s past conflict (1975-1999), and those who have experienced violence in the newly democratic Timor-Leste. This was an innovative approach taken by ACbit and its partners, linking survivors from the “past” and “present” in order to better understand and address the root causes of GBV. These survivors were able to identify the barriers they face in accessing services in their communities and now attempt to overcome them. This report document is a community-driven participatory research process. It outlines the research process and methodology used and shares reflections from the community facilitators or animators on the process itself. The report also presents the key findings of the research and discusses strategies developed by the participants together with ACbit for their ongoing advocacy work for survivors’ access to services.

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Relatorio Peskiza Asaun Partisipatoriu 2020-2022. Tetum

About ACbit

The saying “Chega Ba Ita” underlines our belief that the CAVR report was written based on the experiences and voices of the people, for the people. It is not a document that should be shelved and forgotten. It is a living document to be understood, debated, and re-invented for generations to come.

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