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Long Journey Home – the stolen children of Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste’s CAVR estimates that some 4000 children were taken from their families and sent to Indonesia during the occupation. The transfer of children was a practice sanctioned by the military and civilian authorities, involving individuals and later on institutions (military, religious and other civilian organizations) that facilitated this process. Many …

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Obriga Serbi Bapak (Forced to Serve “Sir”)

For a quarter century, the people of East Timor experienced massive human rights violations at the hands of Indonesia. To day, peace has come, but the victims during Indonesia occupation continue to struggle to deal with the burden of the past. The struggle against impunity in Timor-Leste will take not …

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Feto iha Otel Flamboyan

Durante akontese konflitu iha Timor-Leste hahu husi 1975 to’o 1999, feto Timor-Leste barak ma sai vitima. CAVR hetan kazu violasaun hasoru feto 800 resin. Maria Fatima, feto maduk ida ne’ebe hela iha Baucau, mos sai nudar vitima ida husi violasaun ne’e. Dezde tinan 1978 nia hetan detensaun illegal no tortura …

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