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Kommemorasaun ba Dona Ana Lemos

Komemorasaun ba Dona Ana Lemos; Hamutuk hanoin hikas no fo rekonesimentu ba kontribuisaun no esperiensia feto iha tempu konflitu hanesan lisaun aprendijazen ba jerasaun foun.

Commemoration for Dona Ana Lemos; Together we think again and give recognition to the contribution and experience of women during the conflict period as well as lessons learned for the new generation.

September 13th, 1999-2016

Gleno, Ermera, Timor-Leste


Obrigada wain ba komunidade Gleno no kolega seluk mak tama sira nia presenca, Escola Ana Lemos iha Gleno, liu-liu familia komunidade Ana Lemos nian ba loron komemora; obrigada ba ita nia fiar no servisu iha futuru tuir mai sei la iha violensia tan ba Timor-Leste.

Thank you to the community of Gleno and other friends who made their presence at this event, to the Ana Lemos school in Gleno, and especially to the family and extended family of Ana Lemos for this day of commemoration; thank you for your belief and work for a future without repetition of such violence for Timor-Leste.

Ne’ebe hau Ba professora ida ne’e tuir hau nia hanoin/ hatene nia fo’o a’an tomak to’o nia vida mos nia fo’o hotu ho nia objetivu ida katak atu ita nia rain Timor ida ne’e bele hetan ukun rasik a’an.  Hau husu ba joven sira, I mos ba ita hirak ne’ebe sei moris já que nia fo’o ona nia vida ba rai doben Timor ida ne’e, no ba ita ne’ebe sei moris tenki hakas a’an atu servisu makas hodi dezenvolve ita nia rai Timor. Ba sira ne’ebe mate tamba kuitadu sorti laiha hodi ikus sira mate, se sira maka moris sira mos sei servisu makas hanesan dadauk ita sira ne’ebe maka agora dadauk hakas a’an ba ita nia maluk vitima sira.

– Graciano Alves, Profesor clase 6 iha Escola Ana Lemos

As a professor in my thinking she (Ana Lemos) gave over her entire self and entire life over for the objective of Timor being able to liberate itself.  I ask for our youth that they too give their life to our beloved country Timor-Leste, that in our lives we must strive to push ourselves in our work for the development of our country.  For those who were unlucky and died as a result of the conflict, if they were still living they as well would be working diligently at this moment.  We too at this moment must strive to work alongside our fellow victims (who are still with us).

-Graciano Alves, Class 6 teacher at Ana Lemos School

Ba le’e istoria tomak Ana Lemos nian click iha ne’e

For full case and short bio of Ana Lemos click here


Fotos husi Komemorasaun Dona Ana Lemos Photos from the Commemoration of Dona Ana Lemos, Sep. 13th, 1999-2016 in Gleno, Ermera
Fotos husi Komemorasaun Dona Ana Lemos
Photos from the Commemoration of Dona Ana Lemos, Sep. 13th, 1999-2016 in Gleno, Ermera

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    Thank you very much : Mr. Jose Luis de Oliveira & Madam Maria Manuela Leong Pereira

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