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Reforsa Hamutuk in the 2022 Europe Day Celebration at Timor Plaza

On the 27-28 of May 2022, ACbit, Hivos, and Fokupers participated in the “Europe Day Celebration” that was held in Timor Plaza, Dili, by the European Union Delegations in Timor Leste.

In this celebration, ACbit and Fokupers assisted displayed and sold products made by women survivors from three municipalities, namely Baucau, Dili and Liquisa. Among the products were tais, wallets, earrings, necklaces, bags, and baskets, and coconut oil.

Through a laptop at the booth, the team also screened three short films about the economic and social inclusion of women survivors of past conflict and gender-based violence.

The team also distributed leaflets containing information about the Reforsa Hamutuk project to visitors while, on the event stage, Fokupers Director, Ms. Maria Fátima Perreira Guterres, presented information about the implementation of the project.

To extend the opportunity of networking, ACbit also invited four (4) women survivors from Dili to attend the two-day celebration and visit all the booths managed by other European Union project partners.

Lucilia da Silva Alves, a survivor from Dili said that, “I felt very happy because I can get the opportunity to participated in this event. I visited all the stands, joined the quiz, and got the prizes. Actually, we (usually) could not participate in this kind of event but, because of the Reforsa Hamutuk project, ACbit can invited us.”  

ACbit, Hivos, Fokupers, and the women survivors invited were participating in the event as representatives of the Reforsa Hamutuk project, a 33-month project funded by the European Union to promote social inclusion and economic development of women survivors and victims of violence in Timor-Leste.




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