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Intrevista ho Mana Maria de Fatima-Sobrevivente Baucau

Labele haluha atu mai vizita fatin istóriku husi sobrevivente sira iha loron sesta 7 fulan Dezembru hahu oras tuku 8:00am iha Pouzada Baucau. Maria de Fatima (iha video ida ne’e) no sobrevivente sira seluk sei hatudu ba ita kona-ba fatin sira ne’e no mós sei konta istória husi pasadu ba kampaña loron #16. #BaucauSeguru #RonaMósHau, no hetan apoiu husi United Nations Nasoins Unidas Timor-Leste no Embassy of Japan in Timor-Leste.

Don’t forget to come along to the survivor historical tour this Friday 7 Dec starting from Pousada Baucau at 8.00am. Maria de Fatima (in this video) and other survivors will be there to show you the sites and stories of the past for the #16 days campaign.

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The saying “Chega Ba Ita” underlines our belief that the CAVR report was written based on the experiences and voices of the people, for the people. It is not a document that should be shelved and forgotten. It is a living document to be understood, debated, and re-invented for generations to come.

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