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Augusta inside her house

Augusta de Jesus Araujo

Augusta de Jesus Araujo has said enough.

In 1980, after the arrest of Augusta’s father who was a village headman, her entire family was exiled to Atauro.  On Atauro, the shelter for prisoners was appalling; just a structure with no walls, no bathrooms, or kitchens. When they were finally given food it was two cups of rotted corn. Men, women and children were forced to do hard labor to repair the main road on Atauro. Augusta’s father, sick and weak from his torture, became ill and died. But Augusta’s family were resourceful and managed to scratch a meager living in the camp, although she longed for the education that she could have had as a young girl.

…I know this country will develop and have a bright future, but only if those in power recognize our sacrifices and suffering for independence, suffering that continues to today.

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