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Terezinha: Interrogated and exiled at age 15. (Photo: Anne-Cécile Esteve for AJAR)

Terezinha de Jesus

Terezinha de Jesus has said enough.

After Terezinha’s father was arrested on 10 June 1980, the military came back to arrest her. Only 15 years old, despite both threats and promises, she revealed nothing, and they took Terezinha, her mother and her older sister to Atauro by ferry. On the ferry, they saw her father and uncle, who had been imprisoned for three months and were tied up and in terrible condition. The family was held on the island for four years. She says:

There is still no justice for my family, or for me. No one from the government has ever come and asked us anything. This is the first time I have told my story. I really want the government to pay attention to me, my family and to all the other victims.

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