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Amelia Conçeição

Amelia Conçeição has said enough. When the Indonesia invaded Timor Leste, Amelia fled with her family to the forest without having a chance to take any belongings, including any important …

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Domingas de Araujo Mendonca

Domingas de Araujo Mendonca  has said enough. When Domingas was 17, she was captured by the Indonesian military. She and six other women were tortured daily: stripped and forced to …

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Lucilia da S. Alves

Lucilia da S. Alves Choosing not to feel fear after her father and brother were killed by Indonesia soldiers, Lucilia and her mother continued their clandestine activities. Every day they …

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Maria Imaculada

Maria Imaculada has said enough. Maria supported the resistance by transporting food and clothes to the guerilla forces in the forest.She was arrested, detained, tortured and repeatedly raped for over …

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Augusta de Jesus Araujo

Augusta de Jesus Araujo has said enough. In 1980, after the arrest of Augusta’s father who was a village headman, her entire family was exiled to Atauro.  On Atauro, the …

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