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Project Leaflet Reforsa Hamutuk

Date: January 28, 2021

(Tetun Below)

Reforsa Hamutuk (Tetum phrase for “Strong Together”) is a 30-month project supported by the European Union with the overall goal of promoting social inclusion and economic development for women survivors and victims of gender-based violence in Timor-Leste. This project is implemented by Hivos in collaboration with ACbit and Fokupers in 7 districts: Ainaro, Baucau, Ermera, Dili, Liquisa, Manufahi, and Oécusse.

To find out more about the “Reforsa Hamutuk” Project, please click on the Project Leaflet link below:

EN-Reforsa Hamutuk Project Leaflet

Refosa Hamutuk (iha lian Inglés “Stronger Together”) projetu ho durasaun fulan 30 suporta husi Uniaun Europeia ho nia objetivu jeral, atu promove inklusaun sosiál no dezenvolve ekonomia ba feto sobrevivente sira no mós vítima violénsia bazeia ba jéneru iha Timor-Leste. Projetu ida ne’e implementa husi Hivos ho kolaborasaun servisu ho ACbit no Fokupers iha munisípiu 7 mak hanesan: (Ainaro, Baucau, Ermera, Dili, Liquisa, Manufahi no Oécusse.

Atu hare informasaun detallu liu kona-ba Projetu “Reforsa Hamutuk” bele klik link project leaflet iha kraik:

TETUM-Reforsa Hamutuk Project Leaflet

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