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Alcina dos Santos

Date: January 11, 2021

(Tetun Below)

During the Indonesian occupation, Alcina was arrested by the Indonesian military and sent to Ataúro Island for 3 years. By the time she returned from Ataúro her husband had been killed by the Indonesian Military.

She was also sent to Balide and Becora Prisons. As a widow, Alcina had to make a living to survive. She has her husband’s pension of the martyrs, but also runs small businesses such as opening kiosks, selling vegetables and cakes.

She uses the income from the business to buy buffalo, and puts aside money in the bank to pay for her children’s school fees.

Alcina organized women survivors in Lautem to establish a group that engages in income generating activities to support their and their families’ survival. These activities include making tais, raising animals, growing vegetables and sewing.

Iha tempu okupasaun Indonézia, Alcina hetan kaputra husi Militar Indonézia hodi destera ba Atauro durante tinan tolu. Fila husi Ataúro, nia rona nia laen mate ona tanba hetan tiru husi militar Indonézia.

Nia mós hetan dadur tan iha Komarka Balide no Bekora. Hanesan feto faluk, Alcina esforsu an hodi sustenta nia moris, liu husi osan pensaun martires nia laen nian. Nia mós halo negosiu kiik hanesan loke kios, fa’an modo no dosi.

Rendimentu husi negosiu ne’ebé nia halo, sosa fali karau hodi hakiak.  Nia rai osan iha banku hodi selu oan sira ba eskola to’o remata universidade.

Além de ne’e Alcina mós inisia forma grupu, halibur feto maluk sobrevivente sira iha Lautem hodi soru tais, hakiak animal, kuda modo no suku hena hodi ajuda sira nia moris lor-loron.

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