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Timor-Leste’s Forgotten Heroes

“60% of the cladenstino network helping resistance fighters during the Indonesian occupation were women, but they are now locked out of the country’s generous pension system for veterans.”

Sophie Raynor speaks with ACbit’s Director Manuela Leong Pereira in New Naratif about the ongoing struggle for women survivors in Timor-Leste and what the new government can do to help. To learn more please read the article below.


60% rede cladenstina ne ‘ ebé ajuda kombatente rezisténsia durante okupasaun Indonézia nian maka feto, maibé sira agora la inklui husi sistema subsidiu jeneroza timor-leste nian ba veteranu sira”

Sophie Raynor koʼalia ho Diretóra ACbit Manuela Leong Pereira iha New Naratif kona-ba luta kontinuasaun ba feto sobrevivente sira iha Timor-Leste no governu foun bele halo atu ajuda. Atu hatene liu tan favór ida, lee artigu sira ne ‘ ebé iha kraik.


About ACbit

The saying “Chega Ba Ita” underlines our belief that the CAVR report was written based on the experiences and voices of the people, for the people. It is not a document that should be shelved and forgotten. It is a living document to be understood, debated, and re-invented for generations to come.

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