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ACbit engage community radios to spread awareness on COVID-19 and flood prevention.

On 14 June 2021, ACbit collaborated with Lorico Lian, a community radio in Dili, to produce three public service announcements (PSA). One PSA was produced to provide tips in preventing the spread of the COVID-19, and two PSAs were produced to provide tips in preventing flood, and what to do when a flood happens.

Starting on 17 June 2021, the PSA were broadcasted through community radios in four municipalities: Lorico Lian community radio in Dili, Mauloko community radio in Maubisse-Ainaro, Lian Matebian community radio in Baucau, dan Atoni Lifau community radio in Oecusse.

This activity is part of the Reforsa Hamutuk project conducted by ACbit in collaboration with Fokupers and Hivos, funded by the European Union in Timor-Leste and the Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta, to promote social inclusion and economic development of women victims of gender-based violence and victims of past conflicts in Timor-Leste.

By engaging these community radios, ACbit hopes that the knowledge and awareness will be able to reach both women survivors of violence and the general public, especially those who were affected by the recent calamity and the pandemic, and rely on radios as their main source of information. ***

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The saying “Chega Ba Ita” underlines our belief that the CAVR report was written based on the experiences and voices of the people, for the people. It is not a document that should be shelved and forgotten. It is a living document to be understood, debated, and re-invented for generations to come.

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