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Maria Imaculada

Maria Imaculada has said enough. Maria supported the resistance by transporting food and clothes to the guerilla forces in the forest.She was arrested, detained, tortured and repeatedly raped for over …

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Augusta de Jesus Araujo

Augusta de Jesus Araujo has said enough. In 1980, after the arrest of Augusta’s father who was a village headman, her entire family was exiled to Atauro.  On Atauro, the …

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Rosita Maria da Costa

Rosita Maria da Costa has said enough. In 1975 Rosita’s family fled the invasion to Aileu, chased by paramilitaries. They kept moving over a number of years, often without enough …

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Augusta Soriano da Silva

Augusta Soriano da Silva has said enough. Augusta put aside a portion of every harvest to feed the resistance members, including her brothers, who met on their farm three times …

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Josefa Adao da Silva

Josefa Adao Da Silva has said enough. Josefa fled with her family to the forest following the Indonesian invasion in 1975, when she was only 12 years old. There, she …

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Terezinha de Jesus

Terezinha de Jesus has said enough. After Terezinha’s father was arrested on 10 June 1980, the military came back to arrest her. Only 15 years old, despite both threats and …

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